Beltone Trust

Premier hearing care. Hear. There. Anywhere!

Life is full of pleasant surprises – and you should not have to miss out on a single one. Beltone Trust hearing aids give you the world’s most complete hearing care experience: Great sound, discreet and customized design, easy personal wireless control, and a groundbreaking new Remote Care feature that will give you extra support wherever you are.

Trust In Discreet And Customized Hearing Aid Design


With Beltone Trust, you will always look your best and feel comfortable. You can choose from a variety of virtually invisible hearing aids that come in an assortment of colors to match skin tone or hair.

Trust In Personal Control And Connectivity


The Beltone HearMax app gives you an easy and discreet option to control your hearing aids via a Bluetooth connection. Simply download the free hearing aid app and start adjusting volume, listening programs and much more directly from your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® or the most popular Android™ phone models. Beltone Trust digital hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity are almost invisible and you can control them from a new, intuitive one-tap main screen in the app.

You can also use your Beltone Trust hearing aids as true wireless headphones for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, so you can hear phone calls, listen to your favorite music or follow the voice directions of a GPS. Beltone Trust is hearing made easy.


Personal Hearing Care, Wherever You Are


The support you receive from your hearing care professional is a key factor in getting the most out of your hearing aids. Beltone Remote Care™ gives you the most personalized hearing care experience possible. This exclusive, revolutionary technology allows your hearing aids to be fine-tuned wherever you are. You simply send a request via the Beltone HearMax app and your hearing care professional will send new settings you can download with your mobile phone. This is the essence of advanced, digital hearing aids you can use wherever you are, in a way that suits your needs.


Beltone Trust Rechargeable


Want a different option than disposable batteries for Beltone Trust? With Beltone Trust Rechargeable hearing aids, there’s no need to remember spare batteries wherever you go. It’s the most complete hearing care experience with the added peace-of-mind of all-day wear with one battery charge.