Beltone Prime. Live Powerfully.


Beltone Prime™ is designed to look sleek and elegant outside of the ear and practically invisible in the ear. Ask you hearing care professional for a Beltone Prime demonstration today.

The Only Discreet,
In-The-Ear Hearing Aid


Beltone Prime is the only discreet, in-the-ear hearing aid with a microphone tucked into the concha or upper part of the ear, offering the unique benefit of instant fit. That means you can walk in concerned about your hearing and walk out fully confident in any social situation. Watch the video to see how easy Prime is to use and how invisible it is!

Incredible Discretion


All Beltone Prime hearing devices are equipped with technology and features from our most advanced products to not only offer you an exceptional listening experience, but to do so with incredible discretion. Beltone Prime has all of the tools to help you thrive socially.