Beltone Boost Max

The most complete hearing care experience

The number-one challenge for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss is hearing speech in noise. Beltone Boost Max is designed for the most challenging listening situations. With a range of best-in-class sound processing features that enhance speech clarity and make it easier for clients with severe-to-profound hearing loss to stay connected to the people that matter most.

The Power Of Excellent
Sound Quality


Built upon our superior audiological features like CrossLink Directionality 2 with Personal Sound ID, Feedback Eraser and Sound Shifter, and supported by new research, Beltone Boost Max is designed for the most challenging listening situations for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

The Power Of Full Support – Wherever You Are


Our groundbreaking Remote Care technology has made your support options even more convenient. Now you can request and receive fine-tunings in between your scheduled hearing care appointments. You simply send your requests through the HearMax app to your hearing care professional. When the fine-tunings are completed, you get a notification in your app, and you can download and start using your new settings wherever you are.

The Power Of
Personal Control


The Beltone HearMax app is the most advanced app for hearing aid users. You can control volume, adjust programs, noise reduction, speech focus and more – directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch or most Android devices. Simply download the HearMax app for free from the App Store or Google Play and take control of your hearing. And, of course, you can receive personal fine-tunings from your hearing care professional through your HearMax app. It’s as easy as checking your phone messages.

The Power of Seamless Connectivity


Beltone Direct Line wireless accessories stream sound directly to your Beltone Boost Max hearing aids and keep you conveniently connected to all of your favorite communication and entertainment technologies. Choose from a range of wireless accessories that can offer that extra boost you may sometimes need.

A recent survey shows that users of hearing aid solutions that include wireless accessories are 94% satisfied, which is significantly higher than users who do not use wireless accessories.

A Powerful Communication


Have you found video chat technologies to be helpful communication tools? A study found that using direct streaming & FaceTime for phone conversations provide an average of 70% better speech understanding* than using an acoustic phone. For people with severe-to-profound hearing loss this can make the difference between successful phone use and no phone use at all.

Ultimate Power In One Complete Hearing Experience


Ergonomically designed to tuck nicely behind the ear, Beltone Boost Max is comfortable to wear and available in a range of colors – so there’s one to match your individual need, preference and style. Beltone Boost Max hearing aids are protected inside and out with HPF80 NanoBlock™, a special coating that provides maximum protection against moisture and debris. And with up to 12 days of battery life*, you can stay in control of you hearing – worry free – for longer.

*Up to four hours of streaming per day